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re-employment adventures

the unemployment process is hilarious and annoying
you go online or on a telephone and tell them every 2 weeks (NOT A MINUTE SOONER)
when you’d like to be paid.. note how many contact attempts you made minimum of 5/week
and submit to be doled out a check or direct deposited one (so they say)

it’s fun.

in addition to that you’re sent A MILLION random letters in the mail
you’d think they could combine them and save postage…
and i’m required to keep a file of all of these forms because they might just ask for one… someday

one of those letters was a MANDATORY MEETING notice for a re-employment orientation
re-employment, that’s cute.
i showed up minutes late
the truck i borrowed was on E, and i feared being stuck at the TWC if i didn’t get gas before the class… forever.

i sat in the back
the woman next to me was in her twenties..
she kept digging into her purse and making noise
to get snacks.. not sure what kind.. but noisy.

i fought falling asleep
i was trying desperately to keep my eyes open
even my feet wanted to doze off..

the information presented was weak
generally informative
i learned how to email a resume
was given a packet with class times to learn to use the computer
and given a basic cover letter example to go by…

the best part was when the presenter spoke about EEOC
Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
She asked who was in their twenties, i raised my hand with 3 other people
she mentioned how you should file a complaint when discriminated against
but us few in our twenties didn’t qualify for this because we were too young… hmm i feel discriminated against

then later she joked about a guy named Guido will go and rough them up..

What i learned:
-making discriminative stereotype jokes is ok? as long as the person has a job!
-unemployment office is heartless and non forgiving
-if you go to visit the unemployment office, you will be greeted by security guards
-apparently EVERYONE at the TWC is helpful, but don’t talk to them unless you REALLY need to
-there’s a program that gives a hiring office a bonus if they hire certain people, but the presenter couldn’t explain why
-being in a coma disqualifies you for unemployment
-analogy for gaining opportunities is limited to being likened to physically knocking on doors, 2 people demonstrated it… keep knocking!

my religion

my father joined a cult and became a pastor
my mother was a strict catholic

my father is estranged
my mother passed away

i don’t go to church
i believe in a lot of things
most of all, humor.

thyme is not wasted

i live in austin, south by south west is here and every year i attend.
i’ve bought the wrist band,
but most years i’ve signed up for everything free.
i’ve called in sick to see a show,
i’ve asked for the whole week off when i’ve had vacation time.
i’ve been attending been privy to the free drinks, food and bands.
this year i had the whole week off, because i’m unemployed,
and i didn’t even attempt to attend a fraction of the events i normally do.
this may be because i’m lazy, because i now live WAY UP NORTH,
or because there was no thrill in missing work to have so much fun?

instead i stayed home mostly, planned a garden, cleaned house and cut a lot of the overgrown-ness that is my back yard.
productivity feels good.

tonight i will train myself in google ad words.
I am determined to learn new things i never took an (effortless) minute
to discover because i was so consumed with what i was doing.

amazing what you can do when you’re in a better mood.

photo proof of my productivity :

never enough time

funny how i never found enough time or money to go to the dentist, mostly it was a large fear- still is.
now i’m unemployed and i’ve got more than enough time to go to the dentist, and less money than i had before.
so in the next coming weeks i’ll be making up for all that procrastination, which means a lot of laughing gas and tears.
but it’ll be worth it in the end, every penny and IOU.

the next few months/weeks/days, will be a true test to see if i will take advantage of this newly acquired time, the time i never said i had before, to actually do the things i want to do, once i find them.

and somewhere along the way i’ll find a job that pays me to do what i love.

you were funnier when you did #bustweets

if i had a dollar for every time i heard that…i’d have roughly 7 dollars.

i used to ride the bus, but now i’m in a relationship and live far away from a bus line that will get me to work in a tolerable time. (tolerable=30 minutes)

i waste all my jokes on my boyfriend and he doesn’t even think i’m funny- or maybe he doesn’t know how to laugh… or isn’t paying attention.

i am too afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings so i don’t even bother anymore.

i’m sorry i’ve let you down.

i’ll try harder to pretend i’m alone and have no filter.

sooo…. cat video?

pumpkin fiasco

i’ve been pretty sick for the past two days- unable to swallow, running a fever and mostly unpleasant to be around.
being cooped up in the house hasn’t helped either, so add a side of cabin fever to the mix.
i’ve been craving pumpkin desserts, pumpkin flavored anything.
so for my one trip to the real world, yesterday i got to go to wal-mart- woot.
filled the cart with ingredients to make pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake.

last night i decided at 1am that i would make a pie.
i food processed some Mi-del animal cookies and butter for the crust
and mixed a basic libby’s filling – substituting milk and cornstarch for the evaporated milk that i had forgotten.
in the oven it went.

then smoke filled the house…

somehow didn’t notice that something had leaked in the oven… oil? grease? butter? who knows, but it was smoking!
this was discovered after attempting to cook it twice and thinking that ikea had ruined my pie with their Swedish smoking pans.

so this morning i made pumpkin pancakes to further fulfill my pumpkin needs

2 c. bob’s redmill all purpose
1 c. pumpkin puree
1 egg
some pumpkin spice plus added cinnamon and ginger
brown sugar
2 tsp b. power and 1 tsp b. soda

and mix it, burn the first two pancakes
make some bacon
and voila!

pancakes ala bunny

next, pumpkin cheesecake.